Daily Reminders

Dare to be different

We must speak words of encouragement on a daily basis to ourselves to remain strong to conquer our own demons.  Never should we wait on other people to validate us so that we can get the “OK” to act on anything in which we would like to pursue.  A good spirit is within each and every one of us.  Never forget.

By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee


Happy People


By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

It is my belief that happy people have the ability to wake up early each morning because they are anxious about hitting the floor to get in gear to start living a new day that they have not lived before.

It is my belief that happy people practice being grateful because they do not want to come down from their level of happiness.  It serves them no positive purpose and only slows down their personal growth in life.

It is my belief that happy people are always smiling because they refuse to allow negative situations that happen during the course of the day and negative people that cause these situations to occur to control their feelings. If they should stop smiling, that is allowing something or someone else to control their emotions.

It is my belief that happy people turn their mistakes into lessons and use this brand-new knowledge to be creative in planning the essential steps that are needed to make their life even more meaningful and greater.

It is my belief that happy people do not compare themselves to others because they make the strongest efforts to be and to do the complete opposite than any other person.  I believe that happy people enjoy challenging themselves, not so much as challenging others.  They push themselves to go that extra mile to be different (unique) or to reach the next level, which always makes them happier and give them the greatest feelings within to increase their self-confidence.

It is my belief that happy people takes chances because they are over-achievers and thrive on pushing themselves to always reach that next level.  They go forward with their decisions knowing well that they may fail, but it is a chance that they might succeed as well the first time around.

It is my belief that happy people are the most honest people because, first and foremost, they do not like hurting other people.  They want to treat others as they would like to be treated. And lastly, they refuse to have to deal with all the drama that follows the practice of dishonesty.  It is my belief that It is just a waste of time that they can be doing something positive.

It is my belief happy people do the things they love because they know deep down inside of them that their own lives belong to them and them only.  In doing the things they love to do, they are much better equipped to freely give of themselves to others without the feeling of deprivation.

It is my belief that happy people take care of others because of that sigh of relief they see on the faces of the individuals who have a problem or issue that the individual believe is unsolvable. And, it is such a miracle to that individual once that problem or issue has been solved and no longer exists for that person.

It is my belief that happy people stay positive because there is no good that will ever come from negative thinking.  Remaining positive can only bring happiness in their life.

We all have the freedom to choose whether we will be happy (positive) or angry (negative) when we wake up in the morning.  We can walk around with an old frown up face, with our mouth poked out; or we can choose to put on a happy face and let negativity just roll off our backs.  We do not need to respond to each and every negative comment that people say to us or about us.  As has been said a million times, “Life is too Short”.  Do that thing in which will make you a better person, a better mother or father, a better sister or brother, better friend, a better co-worker, better in health mentally and better in health physically.  There is so much good that can be done if we just all allow ourselves to just move on from toxic situations sand let it go (speaking from experience).

My happiness in life and your happiness in life matter and is extremely important.  Allow people to form their own opinions of you, to judge you.  However, keep in mind that it is merely their own opinions, not necessarily true.

It is my belief that when we take the previous viewpoints in mine that I discussed, we can all do and achieve greatness.  That greatness includes revitalizing our minds, body, and souls.  When we are happy, we all have the ability to think better.