Left Alone To Your Own Devices

Woman in Woods.jpgTo be in a place where you feel all alone is the most horrible place to be. There is a feeling of darkness, fear, sorrow, deep depression, heartache because you have been broken down to such an empty feeling within. At this point, one is wondering how in the world will I be able to make a comeback. But the solution to that thought seems so inconceivable at the moment.

With no other options insight, you take that which is left inside of you and you start at that point to rebuild that person only you know so well. You know their stamina, their abilities, and their possibilities better than anyone else. These are the qualities that has been lying dormant far too long and are now boiling within them to be released. And, as these qualities are released, what is being recovered is that powerfully, strong individual who had crossed so many rivers before and survived. Now that their inner strength has returned, they know without a doubt that the sky is the limit and that they can overcome whatever obstacles are put in their path.
By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
Philippians 4:13

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