Why do I write?

WritingI write because it gives me the freedom to fully express what is inside of me. There is a voice inside of me that wants to convey the true me that does not want to share vocally with others. However, this voice within me does not have a problem emptying what is embedded deep down in the crevasses of my heart and soul.

The more I write, the better I feel about being the true me, the person that I believe that I was created to be. Writing gives me confidence and the ability to be bold. It strengthens my desire to tackle whatever I can imagine that I want to pursue and conquer next in my life.

Writing gives me purpose and make each and every minute of the day that I am awake meaningful. When I write, I feel a sense of power because I have been blessed with the ability to put words together creatively as I had dreamed of since youth. Words have always been extremely important to me. To know the proper pronunciation, the definitions, and to use words to formulate my thoughts and ideas in a manner that is clear and precise.

Therefore, writing provides me with the practice that I need to continue learning new words and meanings. The art of writing exposes my mind to the universe.

By: Marjorie Gordon-DeLee, MA

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