First 8 Days Vegetarian/Vegan

Free Photo 5 6-3-2017
By Marjorie A. Gordon-DeLee, M.A.
Okay, it has now been eight (8) days since I began my initial attempt to go total vegetarian (vegan). I can honestly say that it really hasn’t been as difficult, thus far, as I thought that it would be.

Granted, I have eaten a boiled egg or two, but for the most part, it has been working out smoother than I anticipated.

I have dived back into my daily exercise regiments and have regained that burst of energy I previously had. I can jump (not roll) out of bed and keep moving without those slow movements to stand the body straight up, with minimal aches and pains.

I can also see the difference in my skin tone. The dark blotches around the eyes are slowly fading away and mentally, I am thinking clearer. Cleansing my body with fresh fruit and vegetables has really made a difference in just a few days and I am excited about what is to come within the next few months.

This burst of energy has allowed me to be more dedicated in keeping my promise to exercise each day. Over this past weekend I managed to do five (5) miles each day.  Wow!! Did that feel great!



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One thought on “First 8 Days Vegetarian/Vegan

  1. You go girl! That is awesome! Do you by chance use a Fitbit tracker to count how many steps/miles/calories burned, etc.? If you do, let’s connect. It is a great motivator and holds you accountable for moving your body, maintaining a good food program, and so much more every day. You would love it. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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