First 8 Days Vegetarian/Vegan

Free Photo 5 6-3-2017
By Marjorie A. Gordon-DeLee, M.A.
Okay, it has now been eight (8) days since I began my initial attempt to go total vegetarian (vegan). I can honestly say that it really hasn’t been as difficult, thus far, as I thought that it would be.

Granted, I have eaten a boiled egg or two, but for the most part, it has been working out smoother than I anticipated.

I have dived back into my daily exercise regiments and have regained that burst of energy I previously had. I can jump (not roll) out of bed and keep moving without those slow movements to stand the body straight up, with minimal aches and pains.

I can also see the difference in my skin tone. The dark blotches around the eyes are slowly fading away and mentally, I am thinking clearer. Cleansing my body with fresh fruit and vegetables has really made a difference in just a few days and I am excited about what is to come within the next few months.

This burst of energy has allowed me to be more dedicated in keeping my promise to exercise each day. Over this past weekend I managed to do five (5) miles each day.  Wow!! Did that feel great!



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Breaking Point

WIN_20170913_07_48_38_ProPublished by Marjorie Gordon-DeLee, MA

Well, it has been 15 days since my last blog with no avail in my declaration to “Get Back on Track”.  The desire was there but it is obvious that I had not reached that breaking point to be totally committed at that time.  But today, at 6:35 am, I start the journey all over again.  I must put my health back into focus, notwithstanding anything else that may or may not be going on in my life at the moment.  Without the satisfaction of having a healthy body, I will not be able to achieve or even entertain any other situations or experiences of living my life to the fullest.

I have journaled my first meal of the day, with caloric count included.  No stopping for peppermints this morning on my drive into work.  My focus will be on getting in those eight (8) glasses of water, be conscious of and start writing down every piece of food that I place inside my mouth, and to get this body moving again to burn as much calories as possible to lose the weight in which I need to reach to be within my BMI guideline.

It is imperative that I take the same steps that gave me such success before in reaching my 100 pounds weight loss goal.  I will be taking small steps for the next seven days in an effort to obtain that goal that I have put in place at the end of the seventh day for continuation of my lifestyle change.

And so, I am off and running once again!!