Getting Back on Track

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by Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

Getting Back on Track

It has been a few months since my last blog was written.  So many other things became more pressing than sitting down to write my next blog.  With that being said, staying totally on track with healthy eating habits throughout the day has also been a struggle.  Although I have not varied too much from my diet, the daily exercising has slowed down tremendously.    I have really been a little slack, to say the least.  For the past month, I have not journaled my food intake each day as I had been.  That definitely hurts me by being accountable for the type of foods and amounts of food being digested.   Making myself accountable is the only way for me to ensure that I am taking the best care of my health, doing exactly what is expected of me to stay on track with this healthy living regime.  Today, I take control and get back on track.

I read that it is a fact that your physical health impacts your mental health; and, that your mental health impacts your physical health.  Therefore, we must stay on this journey of maintaining an equal amount of focus on both areas of our anatomy.  It is our mind, body and spirit that benefits from constantly keeping abreast of each and every decision that is made during the course of the day to remain in balance.

Moving forward.  Prepping, weighing my food, exercising and getting my 8 glasses of water each day are back on my radar once again.


“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.” by Hal Elrod

One thought on “Getting Back on Track

  1. What an inspiring post! 🙂 All of us get off track more times than we care to admit, but when you recognize that your routine is an important part of your health and wellness commitment, especially once you’ve seen some awesome results, then you don’t beat yourself up over it, just mount back up on the horse and RIDE! Thanks for sharing with your audience. 😀 I needed some encouragement today!

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