Food for Thought

Food for thought 6-12-17

By:  Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

What is most important to you? Do you continue to dwell on that in which was attempting to bring you down or destroy you? Or, do you get up, shake it off and take that leap of faith and press forward.

Never look back on the nonsense that seek to break you down by breaking your spirit. Put the time in to develop yourself once again. Rebuild that spirit in which was broken down within you. Develop your mind and your body and the soul will come to life once again.
Do not live your life based upon the opinions or perspective of other people. Seek out to find any and all information that is important to the betterment of you. Nourish your minds with positivity and not negativity. Do not allow negativity to penetrate into your ear, then into your mind. Whatever you think or believe is ultimately what you become.

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