Self Discipline 5-21-17
By Marjorie Gordon DeLee

To be healthy by making changes in your life, there must be a quality established within you to be self-discipline.

I have learned that with anything you want to change about yourself and worth achieving in life, one must be willing to discipline themselves.  No one else can do this for you.  Anyone has the capability of possessing this quality, but you must have a deep desire to accomplish that goal in which you are in pursuit of.

For years, I had a smoking habit that I needed to quit for so many GREAT reasons (being in better health is one of them).  I used patches, pills, nicotine gum, etc. and none of these smoke aides worked for me.  Why? Because I would simply not take the pills, not chew the gum or pull off the patches and smoke because I was not practicing control over my own behavior.  It wasn’t until I made up my mind that I was going to quit and take the control that was necessary to be successful that it actually happened.  And, it happened without any help from a smoking aide .  It was accomplished by self controlling of the habit.

I decided to throw away a pack of cigarettes in the trash for the last time.  There have been several times that I had thrown a pack of cigarettes in the trash, only to retrieve them or go buy another pack (a waste of money either way); however, this time I meant it for certain.  That was in September 2006 and I have not had a cigarette in my hand or anywhere near my mouth since that day (10 years and 8 months) .

I started practicing lots of self-discipline and overcame this dependence on cigarettes.  Webster defines self-discipline as correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement.  To make correction for the sake of my health, I had to gain some inner strength to control myself.  It is inner strength that everyone needs to break an undesirable habit.


2 thoughts on “Self-Discipline

    1. Yes, it is difficult to take those first steps, but if there is going to be success in any pursuit of a great achievement, there must be a starting point. You must make that first move and push forward, never looking back. Looking back will hold you back and keep you stuck doing the same thing and receiving the same results.

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