Know Your Health Numbers

Risk for Heart Disease 5-23-17Written by Marjorie Gordon DeLee

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way why it is extremely important to know your health numbers.  Not only know what your health numbers are, but to also know what your healthy numbers should be.  If your physician tells you that your blood sugar level is high and you’re in the pre-diabetic state, then an action plan need to go into place right then and there.  Steps need to be taken to get those numbers (i.e., blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol) within the normal range.

I was told back in 2006 that my blood sugar level was high and that I needed to start exercising, change my diet and lose the weight if I did not want to develop full blown diabetes.  I choose to ignore my physician’s advice and continue along my path with the unhealthy eating habits; not taking the physician serious about my health numbers being what they should be.  As a result, I paid the ultimate price of neglecting my health and ended up having to insert a needle (with insulin) into my body for almost 6 years and take other medications as well during that period of time.

Now, after having to endure the consequences of my avoidance in taking my health serious at that time, I make a concerted effort to stay abreast of my blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol, and my body weight numbers on a regular basis.

I have learned that I need to manage my health in the same manner that I handle my household finances.  Stay on top of those numbers every day.


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2 thoughts on “Know Your Health Numbers

  1. Doesn’t it feel great when you are “proactive” about your health and wellness? If you aren’t, how do you really expect the doctors to be with so many patients to see and tend to? Knowing such information can be a lifesaver to many. Sadly far too many people never learn some of the simplest lessons for living a healthy life. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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