Release the negative interferences in your brain to develop a change in your overall health

Article written by Marjorie A. Gordon DeLee

Good health is not just about eating healthy foods and exercising the body, it also involves your mental stability as well.  If you are not of a sound mind; meaning, the mind is not working in its fullest capacity to process incoming information without interferences from negative thoughts entering the mind, then you are unable to make rational decisions or good choices in your life.  I base this affirmation on wisdom gained through a multitude of personal experiences.

When you begin to stop allowing the negative thoughts to penetrate your mind and start replacing this negative energy with all positive energy, it is at that time and place that you begin to gain that inner strength.  As that inner strength begin to grow within you, your spirit will allow you to become self-confident. You no longer rely on other people’s approval of you to validate who you are or what directions you should take in “your” life.  The self-confidence comes full circle when you are back in control of your own thought process.  Your ability to process incoming information is so much easier.

As discussed in an article written by Walter Chen (2013): “We can harness the brain’s plasticity by training our brain to make positive patterns more automatic. When we practice looking for and being more aware of positive aspects of life, we fight off the brain’s natural tendency to scan for and spot the negatives. Naturally we bring ourselves into better balance.”

With that being said, you have the ability to stop the negative and only allow positive information to be processed in your brain, thereby having the ability to work through problems stress-free gaining better health.

It is the power of the mind that controls your entire being.  Keeping the mind healthy is the key to keeping the body in good health.  It all starts in your mind.

“Walter Chen:  How to Rewire Your Brain for Positivity and Happiness.”, Jan 31, 2013, Last Updated Mar 11, 2016.

Medical Disclaimer
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