Staying motivated in an effort to keep the weight off

There are so many temptations that you will be faced with daily while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are the delicious, unhealthy snacks (candy, ice cream, cakes, chips, pizza, etc.) and there are the people around you who temp you (some intentionally, some unintentionally).  But you and I must stay true to ourselves and know that it is in our best interest that we continue to keep focused on eating healthy and exercising daily.

There is no better reward than to have the energy to jump out of bed each and every morning, to get up out of a chair without grunting because of the back pain in which you are enduring.  I can tell you right now, I refuse to go back to that way of life.

I am enjoying the “pep-in-my-step” and the fact that I feel the energy inside of me as a 45-year old woman.  I am able to and have the confidence to do those activities that I longed to do for 15 years.  That is 15 years of life that I was not living the kind of life that I was meant to live and that I so desired.

So keep those things or people around you that motivate you to keep climbing that ladder of success because you are worth it.  Be it pictures of people who have lost a massive amount of weight (or their success stories) in their weight loss journey, inspirational quotes, a special outfit that is one size too small for you that you would like to wear, or whatever your desire might be to keep you striving to stay healthy and fit.

Medical Disclaimer
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