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WIN_20170913_07_48_38_ProPublished by Marjorie Gordon-DeLee, MA

Well, it has been 15 days since my last blog with no avail in my declaration to “Get Back on Track”.  The desire was there but it is obvious that I had not reached that breaking point to be totally committed at that time.  But today, at 6:35 am, I start the journey all over again.  I must put my health back into focus, notwithstanding anything else that may or may not be going on in my life at the moment.  Without the satisfaction of having a healthy body, I will not be able to achieve or even entertain any other situations or experiences of living my life to the fullest.

I have journaled my first meal of the day, with caloric count included.  No stopping for peppermints this morning on my drive into work.  My focus will be on getting in those eight (8) glasses of water, be conscious of and start writing down every piece of food that I place inside my mouth, and to get this body moving again to burn as much calories as possible to lose the weight in which I need to reach to be within my BMI guideline.

It is imperative that I take the same steps that gave me such success before in reaching my 100 pounds weight loss goal.  I will be taking small steps for the next seven days in an effort to obtain that goal that I have put in place at the end of the seventh day for continuation of my lifestyle change.

And so, I am off and running once again!!


Getting Back on Track

Prep 7-31-17Carrots 7-31-17Fruit 7-31-17

by Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

Getting Back on Track

It has been a few months since my last blog was written.  So many other things became more pressing than sitting down to write my next blog.  With that being said, staying totally on track with healthy eating habits throughout the day has also been a struggle.  Although I have not varied too much from my diet, the daily exercising has slowed down tremendously.    I have really been a little slack, to say the least.  For the past month, I have not journaled my food intake each day as I had been.  That definitely hurts me by being accountable for the type of foods and amounts of food being digested.   Making myself accountable is the only way for me to ensure that I am taking the best care of my health, doing exactly what is expected of me to stay on track with this healthy living regime.  Today, I take control and get back on track.

I read that it is a fact that your physical health impacts your mental health; and, that your mental health impacts your physical health.  Therefore, we must stay on this journey of maintaining an equal amount of focus on both areas of our anatomy.  It is our mind, body and spirit that benefits from constantly keeping abreast of each and every decision that is made during the course of the day to remain in balance.

Moving forward.  Prepping, weighing my food, exercising and getting my 8 glasses of water each day are back on my radar once again.


“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.” by Hal Elrod

Food for Thought

Food for thought 6-12-17

By:  Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

What is most important to you? Do you continue to dwell on that in which was attempting to bring you down or destroy you? Or, do you get up, shake it off and take that leap of faith and press forward.

Never look back on the nonsense that seek to break you down by breaking your spirit. Put the time in to develop yourself once again. Rebuild that spirit in which was broken down within you. Develop your mind and your body and the soul will come to life once again.
Do not live your life based upon the opinions or perspective of other people. Seek out to find any and all information that is important to the betterment of you. Nourish your minds with positivity and not negativity. Do not allow negativity to penetrate into your ear, then into your mind. Whatever you think or believe is ultimately what you become.

What Determines “YOUR” Success?

what-success-authors-ambition-agnes-chewBy:  Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

As I recently read a quote by one of my favorite motivational speakers and authors, John C. Maxwell, it touched on a similar longtime feeling held within me.  That quote read, “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda”.  This is a thought pattern that I have held close to my heart for as long as I can remember.  If I wanted to be successful at accomplishing a goal that I had set my sights on, then I needed to ensure that my agenda each day was tailored precisely to reach that goal.  There would be no, or very little, deviations to the plan I constructed to meet my satisfaction in being successful.  My total concentration had to be in alignment with my ultimate achievement.

Reading that quote and making that connection with my personal feelings just goes to show that you are never alone in what you may be thinking.  So many times, we, as individuals, hold our inner thoughts within us and refuse to share with others simply because we sometimes believe that our manner of thinking is somewhat peculiar.

Because this blog is primarily about gaining and maintaining a healthy body, the article below by Kevin Daum provides  7 Ways Successful People Stay Healthy:

7 Ways Successful People Stay Healthy
Success isn’t just about making good business deals. You have to make healthy decisions as well.

Seniors, Healthy Choices, Longevity and the Workforce

Free Photo Healthy FoodBy: Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

Today we are living in a world where we are able to live longer lives in better health than our older generation.  With all of the health and fitness information that is at our fingertips, Many Seniors are aging differently from our parents and grandparents because they are utilizing this valuable health information resource, better known as cyber space or as many refer to it, the “Internet”.  We have the ability, through this Superhighway to google any amount of information that we allow our minds to conjure up.

Several studies show that, for health information, the Internet is one of the primary resources [37]. The Internet has thus become one of the most important sources for health information and for searching health care services and treatment advice.  Data show that, within a given year, about 80% of adult Internet users have searched for health information.  Medical Information on the Internet: A Tool for Measuring Consumer Perception of Quality Aspects; Gunther Eysenbach, Monitoring Editor (Published online 2015)

As far as today’s society, the opportunities are there and we, as Seniors, must continue to use the health and fitness information that is at our disposal to help make those lifestyle changes that are detrimental to our well-being (gaining knowledge of foods that are healthy and beneficial to our body makeup; as well as exercising tips)  However, consulting your doctor for all medical advice comes first and foremost before starting any diet or exercise fitness plan.

As many Seniors are living longer in better health (with disability-free years) (Moeller 2016) there comes the need for continued financial stability.  To increase their finances, Seniors are remaining active in the workforce.   This is a win-win situation in all counts.  Work Promotes Confidence 6-3-17Seniors can still remain a contributing member to this society, which returns to them that inner peace and sense of accomplishment. Seniors can still give of themselves in the area of service to others and preserve a level of confidence within them and independency while doing so.  Being active in the workforce also gives others (co-workers, customers, and children) access to stored-up work experiences and wisdom that these Seniors possess and are willing to share with the utmost sincerity in mind.

Research has concluded (January 2016) The Population Reference Bureau report, “Aging in the United States,” that older adults are working longer and is expected to rise in percentage of men and women over age 65 in the workforce by 2022 to 47 percent, this is a combined percentage of men and women.

Research cited suggest that those individuals who are entering older age can better manage the process by exploring options, reading, reaching out to experts, and expanding relationships and networks.  Maintaining health through good nutrition and exercise is another critical component of positive, proactive aging. (Irving 2015)

If we, as Seniors, begin to make better choices in our daily activities to promote good physical and mental health for our well-being, we will continue to be productive citizens in this society. We will continue to enjoy involvement in our favorite activities, we will be able to do those things that we long to do that are on our bucket list and most importantly, we will be here to spend more time with our families and friends, creating more memories. How do we go about accomplishing this pursuit to gain and remain in good healthy living condition?

Thus, while researching individuals who are or was successful in living a long and healthy lifestyle, I was able to obtain tips from a few distinguished people sharing their healthy habits.  Because these are distinguished people, it does not mean that these healthy habits shared by them cannot be implemented by others, the tips that the following individuals have shared relating to their healthy lifestyles, can be incorporated into anyone’s daily activities:

Research provided that Tina Turner (Born November 26, 1939, currently age 77) contributes her healthy longevity to her physical activity of dancing, eating breakfast consisting of fruits and brown German bread; she cut out sugar where she can, eat fish, chicken, nuts and pulses; eat more fats (Omega 3 Fats in oily fish such as Mackerel), fiber and drink one (1) glass of wine with dinner.  Research points out her understanding that with age our features change, but that’s just a part of getting older.

Research provided that Cicely Tyson (Born December 18, 1924, currently age 92) stated that “If I’m gonna be here for a long time, I want to be well.”  It is documented that she contributes vegan diet and her daily workout of pushups as her secrets for a long and heathy life. 

Research provided that Tao-Porcho Lynch (Born August 13, 1918, currently age 98) is a yoga master and Award-winning author. There is documentation that she contributes yoga as improving her physical and mental health by not having fear.  Research pointed out that she stated, “When you’re at one with it there is no fear attached. Fear is bad medicine.  With inner peace, you are “at one” with the universe.  For Tao-Porcho Lynch, research further suggest that dancing was a de-stressor for her. Further, she enjoyed Ballroom dancing because, cited, “it is the physical awareness that comes from the joy within us.” And lastly, research documents that she was a vegetarian and enjoyed her fruit; ate lobster and shrimp on occasion, a glass of wine with food.  She eats to keep healthy and does not eat large amounts of food, as cited.

Research provided that Jack Lanne (September 26, 1914 to January 23, 2011. Died at age 96) was an American fitness, exercise, and nutrition expert and motivational speaker who contributed his healthy long life to these seven (7) simple habits he lived by:  Documented research showed the following habits he adhered to:

  1. If man made it, DON’T eat it.
  2. The body doesn’t grow old from overuse, it grows old from a lack of use.
  3. Eat primarily meat and veggies
  4. The power of daily habits
  5. Sugar is worse than smoking
  6. Dying is easy—True living can be a pain in the butt

A few nutritional principles Jack Lanne also lived by as documented research has provided that they were:  No dairy, No coffee, 10 raw vegetables and 5 fruits a day.

The above individuals were mentioned in this publishing simple because they are the individuals who stood out during the findings in this particular research.  Of course, there are countless others.  All four (4) individuals mentioned above showed how they focus on maintaining a healthy body in an effort to perform their daily activities without restraints.  They all use their plans regularly (daily) and they were consistent in the plan they created.  Consistency is a key factor in being successful at whatever your goal in life may be.

Seniors who are not taking advantage of all the helpful health and fitness information that are within their reach, really need to start.  There was a period in history when the type of information society has at its fingertips at this present time was not readily available (World Wide Web opened to the public on August 6, 1991) (Bryant 2011), now it is.

“Knowledge is power. If you know better, you will do better.”




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All information provided on is based on my own personal experiences. I am not a medical professional and no adjustments to care should be done without consulting your medical team. You must not rely on the information on as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.



Self Discipline 5-21-17
By Marjorie Gordon DeLee

To be healthy by making changes in your life, there must be a quality established within you to be self-discipline.

I have learned that with anything you want to change about yourself and worth achieving in life, one must be willing to discipline themselves.  No one else can do this for you.  Anyone has the capability of possessing this quality, but you must have a deep desire to accomplish that goal in which you are in pursuit of.

For years, I had a smoking habit that I needed to quit for so many GREAT reasons (being in better health is one of them).  I used patches, pills, nicotine gum, etc. and none of these smoke aides worked for me.  Why? Because I would simply not take the pills, not chew the gum or pull off the patches and smoke because I was not practicing control over my own behavior.  It wasn’t until I made up my mind that I was going to quit and take the control that was necessary to be successful that it actually happened.  And, it happened without any help from a smoking aide .  It was accomplished by self controlling of the habit.

I decided to throw away a pack of cigarettes in the trash for the last time.  There have been several times that I had thrown a pack of cigarettes in the trash, only to retrieve them or go buy another pack (a waste of money either way); however, this time I meant it for certain.  That was in September 2006 and I have not had a cigarette in my hand or anywhere near my mouth since that day (10 years and 8 months) .

I started practicing lots of self-discipline and overcame this dependence on cigarettes.  Webster defines self-discipline as correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement.  To make correction for the sake of my health, I had to gain some inner strength to control myself.  It is inner strength that everyone needs to break an undesirable habit.


Know Your Health Numbers

Risk for Heart Disease 5-23-17Written by Marjorie Gordon DeLee

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way why it is extremely important to know your health numbers.  Not only know what your health numbers are, but to also know what your healthy numbers should be.  If your physician tells you that your blood sugar level is high and you’re in the pre-diabetic state, then an action plan need to go into place right then and there.  Steps need to be taken to get those numbers (i.e., blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol) within the normal range.

I was told back in 2006 that my blood sugar level was high and that I needed to start exercising, change my diet and lose the weight if I did not want to develop full blown diabetes.  I choose to ignore my physician’s advice and continue along my path with the unhealthy eating habits; not taking the physician serious about my health numbers being what they should be.  As a result, I paid the ultimate price of neglecting my health and ended up having to insert a needle (with insulin) into my body for almost 6 years and take other medications as well during that period of time.

Now, after having to endure the consequences of my avoidance in taking my health serious at that time, I make a concerted effort to stay abreast of my blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol, and my body weight numbers on a regular basis.

I have learned that I need to manage my health in the same manner that I handle my household finances.  Stay on top of those numbers every day.


“Know Your Numbers image found” at:

Medical Disclaimer
All information provided on is based on my own personal experiences. I am not a medical professional and no adjustments to care should be done without consulting your medical team. You must not rely on the information on as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.