Happy People


By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

It is my belief that happy people have the ability to wake up early each morning because they are anxious about hitting the floor to get in gear to start living a new day that they have not lived before.

It is my belief that happy people practice being grateful because they do not want to come down from their level of happiness.  It serves them no positive purpose and only slows down their personal growth in life.

It is my belief that happy people are always smiling because they refuse to allow negative situations that happen during the course of the day and negative people that cause these situations to occur to control their feelings. If they should stop smiling, that is allowing something or someone else to control their emotions.

It is my belief that happy people turn their mistakes into lessons and use this brand-new knowledge to be creative in planning the essential steps that are needed to make their life even more meaningful and greater.

It is my belief that happy people do not compare themselves to others because they make the strongest efforts to be and to do the complete opposite than any other person.  I believe that happy people enjoy challenging themselves, not so much as challenging others.  They push themselves to go that extra mile to be different (unique) or to reach the next level, which always makes them happier and give them the greatest feelings within to increase their self-confidence.

It is my belief that happy people takes chances because they are over-achievers and thrive on pushing themselves to always reach that next level.  They go forward with their decisions knowing well that they may fail, but it is a chance that they might succeed as well the first time around.

It is my belief that happy people are the most honest people because, first and foremost, they do not like hurting other people.  They want to treat others as they would like to be treated. And lastly, they refuse to have to deal with all the drama that follows the practice of dishonesty.  It is my belief that It is just a waste of time that they can be doing something positive.

It is my belief happy people do the things they love because they know deep down inside of them that their own lives belong to them and them only.  In doing the things they love to do, they are much better equipped to freely give of themselves to others without the feeling of deprivation.

It is my belief that happy people take care of others because of that sigh of relief they see on the faces of the individuals who have a problem or issue that the individual believe is unsolvable. And, it is such a miracle to that individual once that problem or issue has been solved and no longer exists for that person.

It is my belief that happy people stay positive because there is no good that will ever come from negative thinking.  Remaining positive can only bring happiness in their life.

We all have the freedom to choose whether we will be happy (positive) or angry (negative) when we wake up in the morning.  We can walk around with an old frown up face, with our mouth poked out; or we can choose to put on a happy face and let negativity just roll off our backs.  We do not need to respond to each and every negative comment that people say to us or about us.  As has been said a million times, “Life is too Short”.  Do that thing in which will make you a better person, a better mother or father, a better sister or brother, better friend, a better co-worker, better in health mentally and better in health physically.  There is so much good that can be done if we just all allow ourselves to just move on from toxic situations sand let it go (speaking from experience).

My happiness in life and your happiness in life matter and is extremely important.  Allow people to form their own opinions of you, to judge you.  However, keep in mind that it is merely their own opinions, not necessarily true.

It is my belief that when we take the previous viewpoints in mine that I discussed, we can all do and achieve greatness.  That greatness includes revitalizing our minds, body, and souls.  When we are happy, we all have the ability to think better.

Getting Healthy At Any Age

By Marjorie Gordon DeLee

We focused on raising our children, managing the household, and working full-time jobs for many years, but unfortunately, neglecting our own bodies in the interim.

However, the good news is, now that the children are all grown up and many of us may possibly be retired (or not) from working in a full-time status; and our stressors in life have lessen somewhat, it is now time to put ourselves first once again and concentrate on doing what we need to do in order to feel better emotionally, as well as in our physical bodies.  It is never too late to work on ourselves in obtaining and maintaining good health.

According to the Anurag Khare, Senior Citizens in the age group of 65+ require special attention to their health is no secret. Getting older shouldn’t mean illnesses, ailments and a poor quality of life.

Click here to read more on this article, Daily Healthcare Tips for Senior Citizens


Medical Disclaimer

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Inspirational Wall of Words

“The way you use and choose words defines who you are. How you use words touches you as well as those around you. Without really thinking about it, you can change another’s thoughts, beliefs and actions by using the power of words.”
― Alex Uwajeh, Taming the Tongue: The Power of Spoken Words

Words have powerBy Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

Because there was so much going on in my life, I needed to create a few inspirational walls in my home to return to me the power, wisdom and strength I once possessed.
When I initially created these walls of inspiration with quotes from powerful people, I found myself reading those quotes each and every single time I walked past these walls. Reading each word every day until I started actually living by those words and became the words I spoke out loud. This behavior went on for months and months (beginning 1 year ago). As time passed, I felt myself inside becoming stronger and stronger with each passing day. It was amazing to see this transformation unfolded right before my eyes. Even though I knew me better than anyone else, I was still astonished to see that I was able to return to the person that I once was with even more confidence and strength than I possessed ever before.

Why did this happen? Well, it was because of the power of the spoken word. It is whatever you speak into yourself and of yourself that will make you or break you.

Left Alone To Your Own Devices

Woman in Woods.jpgTo be in a place where you feel all alone is the most horrible place to be. There is a feeling of darkness, fear, sorrow, deep depression, heartache because you have been broken down to such an empty feeling within. At this point, one is wondering how in the world will I be able to make a comeback. But the solution to that thought seems so inconceivable at the moment.

With no other options insight, you take that which is left inside of you and you start at that point to rebuild that person only you know so well. You know their stamina, their abilities, and their possibilities better than anyone else. These are the qualities that has been lying dormant far too long and are now boiling within them to be released. And, as these qualities are released, what is being recovered is that powerfully, strong individual who had crossed so many rivers before and survived. Now that their inner strength has returned, they know without a doubt that the sky is the limit and that they can overcome whatever obstacles are put in their path.
By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
Philippians 4:13

Resisting Temptation During This Upcoming Holiday Season

By Marjorie Gordon-DeLeeChristmas Dinner, MA
Those individuals diagnosed with diabetes, as myself, must make a plan to maintain their health during this holiday season that is rapidly approaching.

Of course, this is not an easy undertaking to accomplish. It does take lots of willpower and determination to stay true to keeping your over-all health at the forefront of your mind during this festive joyful season of the year.

With all of these delicious Soul Food main course dishes:

  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Collard Greens & Smoked Ham HocksSoul Foof
  • Southern Style Green Beans
  • Southern Style Mashed Potatoes
  • Southern Style Potato Salad
  • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Southern Style Candied YamsFried Chicken 10-14-17
  • Cornbread Dressing
  • Dirty Rice
  • Fried Okra
  • Fried ChickenAs well as all of the delicious desserts that we must contend with, which are hard to resist when they are directly in our faces the entire time because they are in such abundance:• Banana Pudding (one of my favorites)Swrrt Potato Pie
    • Buttered Pound Cake
    • Red Velvet Cake and cupcakes
    • Brownies
    • Pecan Pie
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Chocolate CakeRed Velvet Cake
    • Cheesecake
    • Coconut Pie
    • Lemon Meringue Pie
    • Bourbon Balls

We must heed to all of this temptation that will most definitely surround us at every juncture in our path during this holiday season:

• Be it at work during the course of the day when co-workers has this strong desire to share some love by baking or preparing their special dishes, and placing these dishes in the breakroom at work.
• At home, as we prepare these specialty dishes for the Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings at work or the special dishes we are preparing for some other event, we must not succumb to taste testing these dishes to the extent of overindulging.
• At office parties and other holiday festivities that will certainly be taking place during this celebratory time of the year when everyone is taking small plates and engaging in the taste testing of several desserts, which add up to huge calories and extra pounds gained.
• Finally, at the actual Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or at the New Year’s Eve celebration that we tapper off the last months of 2017 eating, drinking, and plain old celebrating in our most traditional customs.

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and read their article on “5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays”. This article provides some great holiday tips to help maintain your health during this season.

See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; “5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays”


Things I Like

1. Spending time with my children and grandchildren. Their presence de-stresses me and calms me down when there is laughter in the room and we are in that place of relaxation and laid-back ambiance.

2. I like watching the stages of life that my grandchildren goes through as they develop into their own unique personalities.

3. Taking my time to have a leisurely shopping spree and finding great bargains in the mist of it all that I probably would not have found otherwise.

4. Chopping vegetables and fruits to store away in the refrigerator for quick, convenient access.

5. Preparing a variety of different foods, recipes, and meal combinations for weight loss.

6. Exercising until the sweat is pouring off my body and the clothes are drenched in wetness.

7. Watching a comedy show to relieve all stress and tension, laughing profusely until I am bent over in pain.

8. Taking long drives. Whether it is a commute to work or otherwise, without listening to the radio, so as to enjoy the solemnness that flow through my brain.

9. Soaking in the bathtub with plenty of bubbles, surrounded by candle lights, reading pages from my favorite book, sipping on a glass of red wine.

10. Providing a service to someone that comes so easily for me and to have them overwhelmed with relief when that issue they were just encountering seconds ago seemed so unreachable for them.

11. Taking time each day to learn something new that opens up a whole new perspective for me and redirect my thinking.

12. Being crafty. Sewing, making wigs, making flower arrangements, restoring worn out furnishing by repainting them or adding a little twist to make them unique to fit in with my eccentricity.

13. Finding little treasures at the thrift stores.

14. Making those one of a kind, unique items for my grand children that fit their unique personalities.

15. Listening to other people talk and learning about their perspective on life leading me to learn something that may enhance my own lifestyle or add value to theirs in the mist of this encounter.

16. Being creative with technology. Creating my own designs and artwork using the latest software, apps, etc.

By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

What you should aspire to be or want your children to aspire to become

The word “exceptional” is one word that everyone should place at the top of the words listed in their vocabulary. To be exceptional, we should all aspire to be uncommon in everything that we do. Do not live a life of normalcy, which is quite boring and depressing in my opinion. If you are not striving for excellency in every area of your life, then one’s days become mundane, which there is no excitement in this kind of living.

Make a concerted attempt each day to say something that is extraordinary, do something for yourself or for someone else that is totally unprecedented and surprising. You will be remembered as that person who went out of their way to make that person’s day/life better in some form or fashion.

Instill the same values in your children. Teach them the skills they need to become an exceptional individual who provides the community in which they reside and society as a whole ultimately some phenomenal act that would absolutely transform their surroundings. Be or do that which is exceptional.

By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee, MA

Why do I write?

WritingI write because it gives me the freedom to fully express what is inside of me. There is a voice inside of me that wants to convey the true me that does not want to share vocally with others. However, this voice within me does not have a problem emptying what is embedded deep down in the crevasses of my heart and soul.

The more I write, the better I feel about being the true me, the person that I believe that I was created to be. Writing gives me confidence and the ability to be bold. It strengthens my desire to tackle whatever I can imagine that I want to pursue and conquer next in my life.

Writing gives me purpose and make each and every minute of the day that I am awake meaningful. When I write, I feel a sense of power because I have been blessed with the ability to put words together creatively as I had dreamed of since youth. Words have always been extremely important to me. To know the proper pronunciation, the definitions, and to use words to formulate my thoughts and ideas in a manner that is clear and precise.

Therefore, writing provides me with the practice that I need to continue learning new words and meanings. The art of writing exposes my mind to the universe.

By: Marjorie Gordon-DeLee, MA

Daily Prompt: Fashionable

via Daily Prompt: Fashionable

FashionableWhen I turned 60, three years ago and began my lifestyle change, losing a total of 112 pounds, I was prepared to be stylish in my own way.  In my own way was to dress, wear my hairstyles, shoes, and makeup according to my liking.  What I should look like to the world, according to their definition of a 63-year-old grandmother, did not lineup with the individual I was feeling inside of me.  In addition to the lifestyle change, I made a decision to also do a complete makeover, which was my own fashion statement.

In this day and age, I believe that our individuality is important and we do not have to be boxed in to succumbing to fashion that the world believes is appropriate for a 63-year-old woman.  “Age is just a number”.   By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  Mark Twain

Daily Reminders

Dare to be different

We must speak words of encouragement on a daily basis to ourselves to remain strong to conquer our own demons.  Never should we wait on other people to validate us so that we can get the “OK” to act on anything in which we would like to pursue.  A good spirit is within each and every one of us.  Never forget.

By Marjorie Gordon-DeLee